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Drive your digital transformation with Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relation management tool used to organize, automate and synchronize the activities of an organization such as sales, service and marketing.
Dynamics CRM is offered Online and On-Premise. Both offers similar functionalities from the functional standpoint. However there could be differences during the implementation process.

Human resources

Get complete functionality with payroll analytics, position forecast, reporting, and benefit updates.

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Transportation management

Get global transportation planning and freight reconciliation.

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Modern point of sale (POS)

Engage with rich clienteling, real-time inventory lookup.,

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E-Commerce and Social Media

Build campaigns and engage customers through social media.


Warehouse management

Automate warehouse processes to reduce operational costs.

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Budget planning

Create easy-to-use budget plan worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel.

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Demand forecasting

Improve forecasting accuracy to boost product availability and minimize inventory costs.

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Master data management

Increase the consistency of your data across your organization and deployments.


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